[Seattle-SAGE] To be, or not to be: Seattle LOPSA

Leon Towns-von Stauber leonvs at occam.com
Mon Jan 2 16:49:51 PST 2006

> A) Stick with SAGE
> B) Affiliate with LOPSA
> C) Don't care as long as things stay about the same
> If we affiliate with LOPSA, do we just become the Seattle LOPSA Group,
> Seattle LOPSA, or something else?

I think we'll probably end up aligning with LOPSA, given LOPSA's
similar goals and the way SAGE is (not) going. But until we have
a clearer view (in the next year or so, probably) of how LOPSA
will specifically relate to locals, I'd say we just stick with
the current name.

If we do change names now, I suggest we go with something generic
that doesn't explicitly refer to either SAGE or LOPSA, as others
have also suggested. If we want a cute/funny/memorable name, I'll
throw this into the ring:

Seattle Area System Administrators's Workgroup (SeaSAW)

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