[Seattle-SAGE] IT policiies

Robin Battey zanfur at zanfur.com
Thu Jan 5 17:36:01 PST 2006


So, once again there is trouble in Sysadmin-Land, but this time it is one
of politics.  The king of Sysadmin-Land has been advised by the overlord
of Company-land that it would be in his best interests to come up with
some publically available IT policy document, describing some of the
no-no's for company IT resource uses.

Now, the king od Sysadmin-Land has a passing understanding of the language
of politician-ese, but does not have the moral turpitude necessary to
speak it himself.  So, the king is once again turning to his host of 
advisors (known to the commoners as Teh Intarweb) for advice on what to 
place in this document, while remaining relatively free of evil.

Any suggestions/examples?

-robin (king of Sysadmin-Land in the world of Company)


                              Robin  Battey
                            zanfur at zanfur.com

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