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Thu Jan 5 19:16:05 PST 2006

Acceptable use policies are legal documents. Legal documents are the 
domain of lawyers. Tell your boss that he needs to hire a lawyer to 
write legal documents, not a sysadmin. Lawyers make awful sysadmins and 


Robin Battey wrote:
> SAGEs:
> So, once again there is trouble in Sysadmin-Land, but this time it is one
> of politics.  The king of Sysadmin-Land has been advised by the overlord
> of Company-land that it would be in his best interests to come up with
> some publically available IT policy document, describing some of the
> no-no's for company IT resource uses.
> Now, the king od Sysadmin-Land has a passing understanding of the language
> of politician-ese, but does not have the moral turpitude necessary to
> speak it himself.  So, the king is once again turning to his host of 
> advisors (known to the commoners as Teh Intarweb) for advice on what to 
> place in this document, while remaining relatively free of evil.
> Any suggestions/examples?
> Cheers!
> -robin (king of Sysadmin-Land in the world of Company)
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