[Seattle-SAGE] LAMP problem - minus 'M'

Jesse Weigert jesse at rainydawg.org
Mon Feb 6 16:43:18 PST 2006

Hmm... My guess is that the script is set to run with register_globals
turned on which is now off by default.

try adding this to the top of index.php:

$page = $_GET['page'];

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James Affeld wrote:
> I downgraded PHP on the new server, and now index.php
> doesn't display correctly, either.  Seemed like a good
> idea...
> --- James Affeld <jamesaffeld at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>I am replacing a LAP (Linux, Apache, PHP) server
>>I witnessed being 0wn3d (NSM: it's a good thing!
>>http:\\blowfish.southseattle.edu\presentations) via
>>PHP remote file inclusion.  
>>I don't know Apache or PHP, and I'm having trouble
>>getting the pages to display correctly on the new
>>On the new box, I can load http:\\hostname\index.php
>>I can load http:\\hostname\classes.php
>>I can NOT correctly load
>>all that happens is index.php reloads
>>On the old box, 
>>http:\\hostname\index.php?page=classes loads a table
>>from classes.php and sticks it in a frame of
>>Old box:
>>PHP 4.3.11 (cgi) (built: Nov  8 2005 06:24:40)
>>Copyright (c) 1997-2004 The PHP Group
>>Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2004 Zend
>>Server version: Apache/2.0.53
>>Server built:   Sep  5 2005 09:28:47
>>New box:
>>PHP 5.0.4 (cli) 
>>Zend Engine v2.0.4-dev
>>That's a big jump in PHP versions.  
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