[Seattle-SAGE] LAMP problem - minus 'M'

Benjamin Krueger benjamin at seattlefenix.net
Mon Feb 6 17:02:14 PST 2006

* James Affeld (jamesaffeld at yahoo.com) [060206 16:40]:
> I downgraded PHP on the new server, and now index.php
> doesn't display correctly, either.  Seemed like a good
> idea...

Here's my edumacated guess...

A while back, PHP switched from having global variables turned on to having them turned off. This is a security and performance enhancement. I'd bet that when you downgraded, you left the newer version of php.ini in place. This is where the register_globals variable is set, and it's probably still set off.

The correct thing to do here is to update your script to use $_GET["pages"] instead of $pages. Simply turning register_globals on is a bad, insecure, and bad idea. :)

BTW, are you just opening a file as defined in $pages? This could lead to behavior that you don't expect. What happens if I set $pages to be the name of another of your php scripts? Will it show me the source of your script? Do you have any scripts that have sensitive information in them? :)

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