[Seattle-SAGE] Members Digest, Vol 2, Issue 13

Geof Grogan geof at centurytel.net
Sun Feb 12 14:21:00 PST 2006

>Chris "Ski" Kacoroski :
> A little bit of 
>"WOW" factor for the senior management would be good also.

What would it be good for ?

I voted for school levies, in order to support to education, while knowing that some of the money would inevitably be wasted. Apparently you are intending to waste money. If you don't stay focused on education, you will waste my money and fail the students you are supposed to serve.

The general applicability of this comment to system administrators is that I often find IT people know a lot about processor specifications but little about what the business is. IT actions should have a business purpose. IT should sell its projects based on the business goals that the projects will achieve. If your management is impressed by flashing LEDs, the company isn't going to achieve much.

 - Geof Grogan

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