[Seattle-SAGE] VPN-in-a-box recommendations?

Paul English tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Thu Feb 23 13:01:35 PST 2006

I'm wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations for an all-in-one 
VPN solution for roadwarriors.

In the immediate term I need:

support for Windows and Mac soft clients
QoS (I'd like to run some VOIP lines through it)


support for Linux soft clients
support for hardware clients

This Netgear device looks like it would do the trick:


But I'm a little teed off with Netgear just now ("oh our gigabit switch 
won't autonegotiate with adaptors that will autonegotiate with every other 
gigabit switch you have? Just crank the adaptors down to 10/100") so other 
recommendations are appreciated.

I know Cisco is probably the bees knees but their prices are a little 
crazy. My last experiences with open source options (FreeSWAN and LARTC) 
was that it was a nightmare to configure and I really don't have the time 
to deal with it. Does that leave me any options?

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