[Seattle-SAGE] Coffee: the right question for the right audiance.

Atom Powers atom.powers at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 12:14:20 PST 2006

On 2/27/06, Leeland <NWSailer at greydragon.com> wrote:
> Oddly enough I was just at a place that had one of these:
> http://www.dealtime.com/xPC-Keurig_B50_Gourmet_Single_Cup_Brewer
> You use a little single cup "k-cup" thing. They had a number of different
> brews and really there were some very nice ones.
> You put the "k-cup" (a completely sealed plastic cup with grounds and filter
> all in a small dixie cup looking thing) right into the machine, push the
> button and have a steaming hot cup of coffee, coco, or tea (depending on
> which k-cup you put in) in a few seconds.

If you will excuse the metaphore: is that the Microsoft of coffee makers?
Easy to use pre-packaged product, just the way "you" want it every time.

Perfection is just a word I use occasionally with mustard.
--Atom Powers--

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