[Seattle-SAGE] Coffee: the right question for the right audiance.

Leeland NWSailer at GreyDragon.com
Mon Feb 27 12:31:13 PST 2006

Well who says the other guy wants to drink the same coffee as you? There is
a reasonable selection of k-cup blends to choose from.

Personally I hate the "in office espresso machine" because of the huge mess
it invariably creates (grounds everywhere) because no one else will clean it
up. I also do not like the "pot on the burner for hours" flavor. Which is
why I own some very expensive sealed Zojirushi Air Pots so I can brew in the
morning and have a cups throughout the day that haven't lost any flavor
(caused by steaming off of the antioxidants and vitamins since these are
sealed carafes) or heat (highest thermal retention pots on the market).

You asked for a reasonable small office coffee solution. Don't shoot the
messenger for giving you what you asked for. I too looked at these machines
with a bit of a coffee connoisseur nose in the air (I do live in Seattle and
really enjoy the subtle differences in the available coffee blends). I was
really surprised by the flavor and quality of the coffee that thing brewed
up for me throughout the day one cup at a time. The facility had four
varieties of the coffees and some teas. I tried them all (it was a 60 hour
straight Disaster Recovery Drill so I had plenty of time to play with the


On 2/27/06, Atom Powers <atom.powers at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/27/06, Leeland <NWSailer at greydragon.com> wrote:
> > Oddly enough I was just at a place that had one of these:
> >
> > http://www.dealtime.com/xPC-Keurig_B50_Gourmet_Single_Cup_Brewer
> >
> > You use a little single cup "k-cup" thing. They had a number of
> different
> > brews and really there were some very nice ones.
> >
> > You put the "k-cup" (a completely sealed plastic cup with grounds and
> filter
> > all in a small dixie cup looking thing) right into the machine, push the
> > button and have a steaming hot cup of coffee, coco, or tea (depending on
> > which k-cup you put in) in a few seconds.
> >
> Heh.
> If you will excuse the metaphore: is that the Microsoft of coffee makers?
> Easy to use pre-packaged product, just the way "you" want it every time.
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> Perfection is just a word I use occasionally with mustard.
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