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Personally I hate the "in office espresso machine" because of the huge mess
it invariably creates (grounds everywhere) because no one else will clean it
up. I also do not like the "pot on the burner for hours" flavor. Which is
why I own some very expensive sealed Zojirushi Air Pots so I can brew in the
morning and have a cups throughout the day that haven't lost any flavor
(caused by steaming off of the antioxidants and vitamins since these are
sealed carafes) or heat (highest thermal retention pots on the market). 

I agree about "cooked coffee" and using an auxilary holder. My personal
favorite are the Nissan-Thermos stainless-steel caraffes which have an
excellent insulating profile.



I own the 50 oz./1.6 liter TGS1500 which I use more for tea than coffee.
Filled with 180 F degree fluid, I still pour hot liquid into my cup
midafternoon and very warm brew in the evening. I will also mention mine has
a post-purchase dent in its bottom caused by a drop that would have
shattered a glass inner liner but caused the stainless version no distress. 

I scored mine for $32 from eBay about a year ago. A quick peek shows that,
with shipping and buy-it-now, they are about a buck cheaper now. 


Chris DeVoney
Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition
University of Washington School of Medicine

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