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I second the "cooked coffee" syndrome. After the gang at the office  
started abusing the coffee maker (with Folgers among other things) I  
started toting a thermos full of coffee to work. The only problem was  
that it tainted the flavor after a few hours. The best solution I've  
found is a French Press mug; I'm not at the mercy of the leave-the- 
coffe-maker-on-all-day, Folgers drinkers & I can brew just enough,  
just the way I like it.


On Feb 27, 2006, at 3:47 PM, Chris DeVoney wrote:

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> Personally I hate the "in office espresso machine" because of the  
> huge mess
> it invariably creates (grounds everywhere) because no one else will  
> clean it
> up. I also do not like the "pot on the burner for hours" flavor.  
> Which is
> why I own some very expensive sealed Zojirushi Air Pots so I can  
> brew in the
> morning and have a cups throughout the day that haven't lost any  
> flavor
> (caused by steaming off of the antioxidants and vitamins since  
> these are
> sealed carafes) or heat (highest thermal retention pots on the  
> market).
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> I agree about "cooked coffee" and using an auxilary holder. My  
> personal
> favorite are the Nissan-Thermos stainless-steel caraffes which have an
> excellent insulating profile.
> http://www.thermos.com/thermos/cfm/commprods.cfm?subcat=42
> http://www.thermos.com/thermos/cfm/commercial.cfm
> I own the 50 oz./1.6 liter TGS1500 which I use more for tea than  
> coffee.
> Filled with 180 F degree fluid, I still pour hot liquid into my cup
> midafternoon and very warm brew in the evening. I will also mention  
> mine has
> a post-purchase dent in its bottom caused by a drop that would have
> shattered a glass inner liner but caused the stainless version no  
> distress.
> I scored mine for $32 from eBay about a year ago. A quick peek  
> shows that,
> with shipping and buy-it-now, they are about a buck cheaper now.
> cdv
> Chris DeVoney
> Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition
> University of Washington School of Medicine
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