[Seattle-SAGE] Pogolinux bus to Linuxfest Northwest 2006

Ron Redmond r2mhf at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 16:26:12 PST 2006

Hello Seattle-SAGE members,

On Saturday April 29th Pogolinux will be sponsoring
buses from North Seattle Community College to
Linuxfest Northwest 2006 in Bellingham!  Yes, it is
here, the big annual event you have all been waiting

Admission to Linuxfest Northwest and the bus ride are
FREE!  Many of us had a great time riding to the event
with friends last year.  Please help us to spread the
word about the bus ride and Linuxfest Northwest 2006
to other friends and user groups.  

A big thanks once again goes out to Pogolinux again
this year for sponsoring the bus!  Members of GSLUG
(Greater Seattle Linux Users' Group) including myself
have helped to coordinate and promote the bus ride
with Pogolinux.

The number of seats are limited.  You can visit
Pogolinux to sign up for your seat on the bus at this
website.  You will get an official confirmation by
return e-mail.


General Linuxfest Northwest 2006 information here:



Ron Redmond

member, GSLUG (Greater Seattle Linux Users' Group)

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