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Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Wed Mar 22 08:22:27 PST 2006

Port of Seattle is seeking a Sr. Linux Server Engineer for a contract
position (6mo to permanent FTE). Please forward your resume to
foster.m at portseattle.org for immediate consideration if you are
interested and qualified.

Required Technical Skills
Advanced administration skills using Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1
to 4.0.  That means Linux in a networked enterprise with multiple
servers and multiple applications on servers.  It also includes
installation, configuration, managing and troubleshooting the Linux OS
and tools installed on the OS like network monitoring, intrusion
detection, performance monitoring and server monitoring and alerting.
Configuration management tools such as CFEngine for OS configuration control
Automated Linux OS installation software such as Kickstart or experience
with PXE boot
 Java application server (Websphere, WebLogic, Tomcat) troubleshooting,
installation, and maintenance
 Knowledge of HTML and web technologies
Proficient in SSH and SSL encryption technologies

Optional skills:
Experience with SAN devices and configuration and use
Knowledge of network protocol stacks and troubleshooting. (e.g. TCP,
Experienced with NFS and Samba file sharing
Familiar with Veritas NetBackup
Familiar with VmWare ESX Server
Knowledge of advanced troubleshooting tools. (truss, tcpdump, strace,
lsof, etc.)
Basic shell scripting and perl programming
Intermediate knowledge of HP-UX 11.0 and 11i

Here is the actual job posting...
TITLE:	Senior Linux Server Engineer	Job Code:	TJC023
DEPT:	IT Infrastructure Services	Dept. Code:	1970
LOCATION:	POS Headquarters at P69

MONTHLY SALARY RANGE:	Minimum  $5373	Midpoint  $6716

PURPOSE:	Provide high level engineering, support, and project management
for the Linux Server Engineering Group.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:	Handle Top tier escalation for technical problems
related to the Linux and Unix Server Infrastructure.  Provide 24x7 on
call coverage.  Interface with business units, architecture group, and
systems delivery organization to help craft overall Enterprise Linux
standards and solutions.  Perform High level engineering, including
strategic and tactical planning for the Linux Server Engineering group.
 Develop test plans and project plans related to the IT Infrastructure.
 Develop the enterprise Linux / Unix monitoring environment and help
develop overall monitoring standards.  Lead Capacity management and
planning as well as Security implementation and management.

Qualified candidates will have expertise in troubleshooting technical
issues related to Linux, networking, and related technologies.  The
ability to work collaboratively, as well as independently, with minimal
supervision.  The ability to clearly define, ability to articulate, and
implement solutions for the enterprise Linux environment.  Expertise in
engineering, implementing, and managing an enterprise Linux environment.
 The ability to look ahead at emerging technologies and help determine
their impact on the organization.  The ability to think holistically
about the entire IT organization and the Port, and how Linux
technologies can benefit the organization.  Expertise with engineering,
installing, and maintaining various enterprise Java application server
environments including, but not limited to, IBM Websphere and Tomcat.
Expertise in working with LDAP and in interfacing with Microsoft’s
Active Directory.  Expertise in PERL and shell scripting.  Experience
managing JDBC connections to remote data sources. Expertise implementing
SAN and NAS-based storage on Linux, as well as LVM, and hardware-based
raid solutions.  Expertise implementing secure Linux environments,
including experience with various host-based intrusion detection
systems, network security scanners, jailed environments, and NetFilter.
 Effective verbal and written communication skills are required,
including the ability to interact with a wide variety of individuals on
a high technical skill level, as well as the ability to explain complex
concepts to a non-technical audience.  Experience with VMWare server
virtualization  is a plus.  Support groups in engineering, deploying,
and managing a distributed, fault tolerant infrastructure.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:	BS (or equivalent experience).  Three years of
related IT experience including Linux / Unix Focus.  A valid Washington
State driver's license, or the abiltiy to obtain one is required.
PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:	 Master degree in a related field.
Application server clustering experience is preferred.  Experience with
Kerberos, secure LDAP, LDAP or Active Directory-based account management
is preferred.  Three to seven years of Linux Engineer experience or
equivalent.  RHCE certification.
ENVIRONMENT:	Will work in a fast-paced office environment and travel to
other work locations as required.  .
COMMENTS:	Will be fingerprinted for criminal hisotry background check
with the FBI.

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