[SASAG] Recommendations are environmental monitoring for a server room

Lee Damon nomad at castle.org
Fri Mar 31 20:56:25 PST 2006

We use a home-built kit called the thermalcube 
(http://ssli.ee.washington.edu/people/nomad/thermalcube.html).  Each one 
costs about $10 to build and takes ~30 minutes if you want to do all the 
sleeve work and such.

Adapters for an RS-232 port cost $10-$15.  You only need one adapter.

Software is DigiTemp (mentioned on the thermalcube page), some short 
shell scripts and nagios.


Ski Kacoroski wrote:
> Hi,
> After several cooling issues, we are looking at adding some sort of 
> environmental monitoring sensors to our server room and would like to 
> know what others do in this area in terms of what you monitor (temp, 
> humidity, power, etc.), how often you take readings, and what equipment 
> you use.
> cheers,
> ski

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