[SASAG] OpenLDAP vs other directory services?

Brian Haney nautix at u.washington.edu
Wed Apr 5 07:46:54 PDT 2006

My office-mate (jimh at u.washington.edu, not a subscriber of this list--yet) has recently 
abandoned OpenLDAP for Fedora Directory Service.  He especially appreciates the 
availability of directory maintenance tools.  Our current "Holy Grail" is a self-service 
system for users to maintain their published data.  Looks good so far.

Atom Powers wrote:
> I currently have a hacked-together OpenLDAP implementation and I'm
> trying to decide if it's worth it to fix the current system or dump it
> in favor of another directory service, such as one from RedHat,
> Novelle, Sun, etc.
> I need a directory service that can centralize all sorts of data on
> students and faculty; everything from email addresses to parking tabs,
> distribution groups to class registration, and more.
> What are your experiences with directory services?
> Are there any decent open source solutions that can tie together *nix and samba?
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