[SASAG] OpenLDAP vs other directory services?

Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Thu Apr 6 10:29:03 PDT 2006

Atom Powers wrote:
> What are your experiences with directory services?
> Are there any decent open source solutions that can tie together *nix and samba?

I use openldap 2.0.27 with phpLDAPadmin and sometimes gq.
By itself openldap has only command-line tools for manipulating the
directory data. I've been pretty happy with phpldapadmin although it has
it's quirks. It does appear to support Samba domains, users, groups and
machines but I haven't used them.
Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints...
Mark D. Foster, CISSP <mark at foster.cc>  http://mark.foster.cc/

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