[SASAG] Console servers/IP KVM/Remote power

Paul English tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Mon May 22 15:17:59 PDT 2006

Hi Folks,

 	I'm wondering if anyone has any particular recommendations for 
devices in the console server/ IP KVM and remote power control arena.

For the console server it would be something with ssh access and the 
ability to make serial connections to several devices. Web access is a 

For the IP KVM it must be Linux/UNIX compatible. Particularly Linux, but 
the more open the better - closed source binary clients are not my friend.

Lastly for the power control I'm looking at the APC AP7901 - anyone have 
specific experience with this device or family? We bought a Power Tower XL 
in the past but I'm having trouble finding pricing on them and it was for 
a business partner so I don't have direct experience with it.

Combinations of the above features would be fine as well.

Thanks to the list for recommendations for Fortinet's Fortigate products. 
We will most likely be aquiring one soon.


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