[SASAG] Console servers/IP KVM/Remote power

J.P. McGlinn jmcglinn at speakeasy.net
Wed May 24 14:28:56 PDT 2006

I don't have experience with the IP KVMs, someone else tried one out in 
our shop and decided it was too slow since we're in the same location as 
our datacenter. We did however, settle on Avocent KVMs, the AMX5000 
series to be exact. These use the AMIQ modules and 4-pr RJ45 cables. I'm 
using a couple serial modules and they're pretty nice, just don't forget 
to order the power supplies (each power supply has an adapter to power 4 

I see that the DS series (IP) uses a different part # series for the 
modules, but has a serial module too.

If you don't have too many serial devices I'd take a good look 
integrating the console server with your IP KVM.


Paul English wrote:

>Thanks everyone, here's a quick recommendation summary:
>2       console + IP KVM - Raritan
>1       Lantronix console allows serial port settings tweaks for much faster
>         serial transmissions
>3       Cyclades console servers - AlterPath ACS and Cyclades-TS series
>1       Avocent KVM
>1       Cyclades power management solutions
>1       APC power management solutions
>No anti-recommendations.
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