[SASAG] Job Spam: Systems Administrator / Software Developer

Paul English tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Tue Jun 13 17:26:21 PDT 2006

Systems Administrator / Software Developer

3Tier Environmental Forecast Group is seeking to fill the position of 
systems administrator / software developer.  This individual must be 
motivated, responsible, and have the ability to take multiple projects 
from inception to completion with limited supervision.  They will perform 
systems and network administration tasks, including technical user 
support, software and hardware upgrades, and Ethernet networking. They 
will use a variety of programming tools to perform operational tasks in a 
production environment.  This position will entail management of Beowulf 
clusters, web, file, DNS services and printing services as well as 
implementing new network services such as web based email, calendar and 
networked backups and support of all of these services.

The candidate will be expected to maintain existing software and develop 
new products which manage and process streams of data. A strong base of 
software development experience is necessary for this role, as it requires 
the use of many different technologies, including but not limited to 
development with MySQL and proprietary databases, web services and 
multiple file formats and technical support of on-site users and remote 

This is a full time on site position with some on call duties. 3TIER 
offers a competitive benefits and salary package and actively supports 
professional development activities.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or related field
USENIX SAGE Level II (Junior) or SAGE Level III (Intermediate)
2 years Linux, Microsoft Windows and/or Mac OS X administration
2 years experience in a software development environment
Web development
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Assembling & upgrading commodity hardware (PCs, Macs)

Desired skills and experience:
MySQL Database administration
open source web-application framework such as Ruby on Rails, JBoss, Tomcat 
or TurboGears
graphic design


csjobs at 3tiergroup.com (preferred)
Fax: 2063251618
Phone: 2063251573x111

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