[SASAG] Seattle Snort User Group meets Tomorrow - Tuesday, July 11 7:00 PM @ SSCC room TEC129

James Affeld jamesaffeld at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 15:39:14 PDT 2006

The room will be our usual one after all; the remodel
has been rescheduled.  

--- James Affeld <jamesaffeld at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Presentation Topic: Snort Rule Clinic
> James Affeld (me) will present a clinic on writing
> Snort rules for detection and performance, with a
> heavy reliance on the 80-20 principle (where 80% of
> the value is in 20% of the features).  
> This will not be a dry recitation of what's already
> in
> the excellent Snort manual, nor an exposition of
> Snort
> arcana.  My intent will be to cover the most
> generally
> useful features, the areas easiest to make mistakes,
> and some things that should be in the manual but
> aren't.  In short, what I think you need to write
> good
> Snort rules for the typical IT shop (if there is
> such
> a thing).  I'll also try to cover in sufficient
> detail
> that you'll be able to parse rules written by other
> people and understand what they are looking for. 
> To anchor the rule lore in brain space, we'll also
> take a poorly constructed rule and improve it until
> it's efficient and accurate.  Time permitting, we'll
> deconstruct/interpret one of the hairiest rules in
> the
> Snort distribution.  
> This presentation will not cover the new rule
> options
> available with the release of Snort 2.6.  That may
> be
> covered in a future presentation.  
> About the speaker (me): James Affeld has been using
> Snort for about 5 years.  He obtained the GIAC GCIA
> (GIAC Certified Intusion Analyst) Gold certification
> in August 2003, and taught the Local Mentor edition
> of
> the SANS IDS class in the summer of 2005 (broadly
> comparable to being a TA for an upper division
> class).
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> http://blowfish.southseattle.edu/SeaSnUG/
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> The SeaSnUG mailing list is at:
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> Contact: jamesaffeld at yahoo.com

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