Paul English tallpaul at speakeasy.org
Thu Jul 27 17:11:04 PDT 2006

 	I'm wondering if anyone happens to know or there are any Spanish 
speakers who can figure out where the Panama PNAP is located (the 
building). Google is not helping me out here much and not speaking Spanish 
doesn't help. My company is looking to open offices in Panama (visions of 
tropical beach work vacations dancing in my head).

The only things I've been able to dredge from google, which mostly seem 
very out of date are:

Edificio Comosa - one building which is in the downtown banking district 
in Panama City. Seems a decent candidate, but it doesn't seem to have a 
web page of it's own and I haven't seen any pages that definitively say 
"Edificio Comosa is the PNAP for Panama."

http://www.senacyt.gob.pa/ - seems to be the general IT ministry for 
Panama. They probably know where it is and I've seen the words NAP and 
PNAP associated with them on a few other pages.. but again not very 
definitively. It doesn't look like their HQ is downtown so if they are 
responsible for the PNAP, it probably isn't hosted in their building.

Additionally if anyone happens to know (or can find) other buildings in 
the downtown area with lots of fiber _to_ the PNAP that is good also.


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