[SASAG] Invitation to Greater Seattle Geek Cookout -- Sat Aug 19th

John H. Nyhuis cabal at u.washington.edu
Wed Aug 16 14:32:49 PDT 2006

 	Computers and Cooking! what a great combo!  Find out about the 
various professional computing groups in the area!


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Friends --

The following invitation was sent to Jim Affeld's Snort User Group.  Ken
Fury has encouraged me to forward it to other user groups in the area.
Seems that the event will be heavy with security folks, so you might learn
something as well as meet some new people and even promo your own groups.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Ken Fury at:

 	kenfury at gmail.com

My understanding is that he will respond with an "e-vite" giving you further

Ken Meyer

>>> --- KenFury <kenfury at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Subject: [Seattlesug] Re: Greater Seattle cookout Sat Aug 19th.
>>> James, If you could spam your list for me that would be great. It
>>> has Already gone out to a bunch of people in the infosec/hacker
>>> community.
>>> I talked to some people about the possibility of a party/cookout
>>> for all of the Seattle groups; DC206, 2600, Seattle Wireless, GSLUG,
So if
>>> you are interested in coming up to Renton, WA next Saturday (the
>>> 19th) from 5pm to 2am, or for a meet and greet, let me know and
>>> I'll put
>>> email on the e-vite. I have plenty of crash space for those that
>>> need
>>> address is 18525 102nd SE, Renton, WA, right off Rt. 167
>>> Thanks,
>>> KF
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