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Forward on behalf of Bryan Verity and this message has appeared in the UW
technical community, there is a opening for a six-month Windows SA position
for a project in this group. The position is being advertised via the
newspapers, Craiglists, etc., but does not appear on the UW Employment
Chris DeVoney
Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition
UW School of Medicine

From:   Bryan Verity  
Sent:   Monday, September 11, 2006 8:17 AM 
To:     Ethan Owens 
Subject:        Systems Programmer 

Here is the job description for the Windows Systems Programmer position.
This is a six month project appointment so if you can assist by forwarding
it to the listserv that you mentioned last week, that'd be great!  Resumes
can be sent to my attention via e-mail or fax (206)543-4094.

Bryan Verity 
Human Resources Specialist 
Department of Housing and Food Services 
University of Washington 
Lander Hall, L-16, Box 355611, Seattle, WA 98195 

Department of Housing and Food Services

Position Description-Professional Staff

TITLE:          Windows Systems Administrator  
CLASS CODE:             1573 Systems Programmer
GRADE:          10     

Housing and Food Services (HFS) is a self-sustaining auxiliary enterprise
that employs over 700 full, part-time and student staff, and currently
collects over $45 million in annual revenue.  The Department's facilities
include seven residence halls housing over 4900 single students, 118
apartments housing 524 single students, 207 apartments for family housing,
and 538 apartments for family housing provided through public-private
partnerships.  HFS also operates 21 food services outlets serving over
26,000 customers daily, a full-service catering department and a summer
conference-housing program.  HFS also operates a debit-card program for the

Information Technology serves HFS by planning, developing, implementing,
maintaining and operating all information systems for the department.  This
includes developing proprietary software, implementing distributed software,
and operating a full-service help desk that is accessible both by phone and


The Systems Administrator must have a proven track record in creating and
delivering best in class system level architecture required in a
network-based distributed system, superior teaming and leadership skills,
and be able to balance technical and business objectives.  

System administration for Windows 2000, XP, NT and 2003 systems, which
support HFS concerns throughout the University campus.

Install, configure and maintain multiple servers that support vendor and
custom applications as well as system services.

Responsible for security administration, file system maintenance and
maintenance of archive/disaster recovery software and hardware systems in
collaboration with operations staff.

Provide senior-level technical expertise in the design, purchase and
implementation of system architecture, including the purchase of new system
hardware and software.

Proactively identify and help solve system challenges; monitor resources on
the systems.  Coordinate with Information Technology staff for operations,
PC support, and applications, to ensure system issues are addressed

Establish and maintain system and procedural documentation required to
support multiple systems in a demanding environment.

*	Provide technical leadership and direction; 

*	Aid in the development long-term technology plans and goals; 

*	Guiding and/or draft best practices and standards for operations 

	Examples include: 

.       disaster recovery plans, 
1       change management procedures, 
2       secure network communications guidelines, and 
3       service scaling and availability; 
.       Guiding and/or draft forward-looking architecture (Artifacts of this
work include network, systems, application-design, data-flow and process

.       Ensure new servers and applications fit best practices, standards, &
long-term plans or have reasoned arguments for variances;

1       Research and understand emergent technologies relevant to HFS and
provide technical summaries of their potential impact;

2       Translate  low-level technical details into generally accessible
presentations for end-user and co-worker consumption;

3       Help Project Coordinators translate business objectives into
technical requirements; and 
4       Act as an escalation resource for intractable technology problems
including on call/emergency support. 
5       Help drive tradeoff analysis for: 
.       Build or Buy Decisions 
1       Software vs. Hardware solutions 
2       Implementation in Database vs. Application 

*	Work closely with management to ensure release schedule through
practical choice of design, and pragmatic, result-oriented technical

*	Drive architecture definition, refinements and decisions throughout
the project life cycle. 

*	Work with our internal management and customers to develop the
deployment strategy, plan and schedule. 

Qualifications - Education and Skills 

*	Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science, mathematics, or physics
is preferred.   Equivalent experience, Microsoft Certification and/or a
combination of both will be accepted. 

*	Command of the discipline of Systems Administration, including 2
years experience delivering to quality attributes, varied design patterns
and architectural tradeoff analysis. 

*	Four years experience in and  proven command of a broad
understanding of information technology including: operating systems,
network and Internet technologies, services and open standards, database
systems, and information security. 

*	Two years experience maintaining high-performance infrastructure and
enterprise software products. 

*	Two years experience with integration, message brokering, workflow
and process. 

*	Two years experience with implementing and deploying large scale
integrated business applications on a WAN environment. 

*	Experience with Windows Active Directory. 

*	Experience with IIS5 and IIS6. 

*	Experience with Citrix Servers 

*	Experience with Windows TCP/IP networking environments 

*	Experience with network printing 

*	Experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. 

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