[SASAG] Job Opening: Linux/Windows Systems administrator

Martin Knowles mjk at lucidoc.com
Thu Oct 19 17:51:48 PDT 2006

We have a job opening for a system administrator in our Redmond office.
Lucidoc is a small (but well-established) provider of Web-based compliance
documentation management systems for healthcare, banking, and aerospace. We
build and maintain a Perl-based document management system delivered both as
a hosted software-as-a-service system and standalone software licenses.

We're looking for someone to:
- configure and maintain servers and server software and provide networking
assistance to users in the office, including help with network connections
and networked applications.
- configure and maintain the VoIP phone system and ensure network
- assist in deploying our solutions on remote client sites
- train IT staff remotely on occasion
- find new, cool, and interesting ways to make things work in a small, busy

We run a mix of Windows machines (on the desktops and our client sites),
Debian and SuSE Linux on our servers, Oracle, and SQL Server. You're
familiar with the software development process and might have done a bit of
coding, but are perfectly comfortable slinging SQL, hacking config files,
and troubleshooting complex software installs.

This is an on-site, full-time position.

You need to have some previous experience in a small enterprise in a
technical support, system administration, or technical helpdesk position.
Willingness and ability to travel and work at distant sites.  Experience
configuring, securing and maintaining database servers such as SQL Server,
Oracle, MySQL and Postgres. Experience configuring, securing, and
maintaining servers and providing desktop support on Windows 2000/XP/2003
Server, Linux variants (particularly Debian GNU/Linux and/or SuSE Linux)
mandatory. Experience with other server applications (e.g. Apache,
exim/postfix, bind, IIS, CRM tools, QuickBooks, VPN solutons, shared
calendaring solutions, network and server monitoring tools) a plus. 

Interested? Please contact us at careers at lucidoc.com.


-= Martin Knowles, Director of Development - Lucidoc Corporation
-= mjk at lucidoc.com - http://www.lucidoc.com/


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