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Chris MacGregor chris at tigerwave.com
Thu Nov 2 12:52:10 PST 2006

This is for Digeo ( <http://www.digeo.com/> www.digeo.com,
<http://www.moxi.com/> www.moxi.com), in Kirkland near Costco (just off 405
at 85th), where I am currently employed (and have been since May 2005).  The
hiring manager is also my manager, so please send resumes to me for quickest
results (and, yes, a referral bonus for me - if I get the bonus, I'll buy
you a nice lunch :-).  I can also answer questions about the position - it's
an interesting mix of software development and things that are sort of
There are carpools from Seattle (for instance, mine from
Wallingford/Montlake) available, so don't let the bridge traffic scare you.
It's hard to find someone who has everything listed below, so if you're
interested in the work but are missing some of the experience (and are
willing to pick it up fast), please contact me - it might work out.  For
instance, if you have hacked Fedora rpms and are comfortable in C++, we
probably want to talk to you...

Senior Software Engineer - Porting/Toolchain

Essential duties:

1.        Port, configure, release and support appropriate versions of
Digeo's cross-development toolchain in support of Digeo's own platforms.
These toolchains will typically be derived from a combination of Linux
distributions received from platform partners and Digeo's existing Linux
distribution.  Work closely with the Platform Group and its Linux Group to
support their efforts.  Work closely with the Build Team to deploy the
toolchains in Digeo's internal automated build infrastructure.  Digeo's
toolchain is typically a combination of the standard GCC toolchain plus all
pre-built RPMs; effectively a full Linux distribution.

2.        Configure, release and support appropriate versions of
partner-supplied toolchains that target the partner's embedded OS.  These
typically compiler-only toolchains may be hosted on Linux or Windows.

3.        Configure, release and provide developer support for standard disk
images for developer desktop systems.  These images are then used by IT to
deploy new or upgraded systems.  Qualify new developer desktop samples.

4.        Evaluate, port, develop, integrate, debug, analyze and optimize
high-performance, multi-threaded middleware, APIs and applications on
digital interactive set-top boxes.  Contribute to ongoing project
developments. Create and maintain appropriate design documentation. Work
with development and QA to identify and resolve issues. Work with partner
companies to achieve the project's goals.

5.        Define and document developer build processes and address
developer build issues with Digeo's software stack.  Examples include the
embedded cross-build process, configuration of software services, the patch
process, generic build issues, and unexpected issues that arrive within the
cross-development environment, and integration of third party software.

6.        Perform porting and development of software for selected operating
system components, cross compilers, STBs, networks, utilities and databases.

Knowledge, skill, and ability:

This position requires 7 - 10 years of experience in most of the following
areas with strong ability and willingness to rapidly pick up the others.

Expert level embedded and cross-platform system software development hosted
on Linux (Fedora Core 5, and kickstart server), Windows (VC++/.NET) and Mac
(MacOS X, XCode 2) and targeting a variety of platforms, including coding,
build (GNU make and Makefiles), scripting languages (Perl, HTML/CGI, shell),
and debugging. Expert level Linux system and network configuration and
management (RPMs, NFS, DNS, DHCP).  Compiler and compiler performance
experience a big plus.

Good understanding of software configuration management, virtualization
(VMware, XEN), bug tracking, and developer support.  A very high
service-oriented attitude.  Trustworthy in the management and handling of
highly secure source code from partners.

Expert level developer on Linux, Windows and selected embedded real-time
operating systems using C/C++, object oriented programming, threads,
high-performance graphics APIs, and various scripting languages. Work with
partner companies to achieve the project's goals. Strength in the areas of
porting, embedded systems, problem solving and teamwork.


Bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.) from accredited institution in Computer
Science, Math, Engineering or related field of study and 10 plus years
relevant experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred: Master's degree (M.A. M.S. M.B.A.) from accredited institution in
Computer Science, Math, Engineering or related field of study and 5 plus
years relevant experience; or equivalent combination of education and

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