[SASAG] Seattle Snort User Group meets Tuesday, Nov 14 7:00 PM @ SSCC room SCI304 topic TBA

James Affeld jamesaffeld at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 14:16:36 PST 2006

The Seattle Snort Users Group meets 11/14/2006 at 7:00
PM, on the campus of South Seattle Community College, 6000 16th Avenue
SW, Seattle.  We'll meet in Ranier Hall, room 304.

Come learn about Snort, the premier Network Intrusion Detection System,
bar  none.  It also happens to be available FREE.  Free to use, free to
modify and  adapt to your needs. Snort has a successful company
(Sourcefire) backing it, and an army of community developers providing
their own enhancements.  Snort is the Red Pill that will allow you to
see what is happening on the wire - good and bad.  


The usual trivia contest/schwag raffle.  We have an assortment of good books, t-shirts, and ubuntu 6.06 LTS cds

Presentation:  This is where you come in: EITHER "How I Do Snort", that covers rule management and the sguil console, or an intro to Nagios, which is not specific to network security but might be interesting to the folks who attend.  

I need to hear:

a) I would like to see how you do Snort
b) I would like to see how you are using Nagios
c) I have no preference, will attend anyway (mesmerized by schwag!)
d) I have no interest in either, get stuffed

I had originally planned to cover Snort 2.6.x.y but I don't have enough of a handle on the differences to make it worth while.  

Sorry for the late notice.  Please reply if you plan to attend so I can gauge the level of interest.  

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