[SASAG] JOB OPENING: Sr. Technical Support Engineer

Robin Battey zanfur at zanfur.com
Wed Nov 15 11:31:24 PST 2006

Dear Sysadminland:

Strange title, I know, but my company (UI Evolution, a subsidiary of
Square Enix) is creating a Developer Relations/Support group.  Well, 
here's the blurb:

  We need to start creating a Developer Relations/Support group at UIE.  
  As a first step, I would like to find one rocket scientist Sr. Technical 
  Support Engr.  I'’m not exactly sure of the qualifications, but someone 
  that can learn our technologies (UJML, UIEngine, client/server, mobile) 
  and of course developer support knowledge would be great.
  If you know anyone that fits this description, please let me know (more 
  precisely, please have them send me their resume ASAP).

So, essentially, looking for a combo sysadmin/programmer, from what I can 
gather.  Sound interesting to anyone?



                              Robin  Battey
                            zanfur at zanfur.com

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