[SASAG] Anyone looking for contract work? Office wants exchange server...

John H. Nyhuis cabal at u.washington.edu
Wed Nov 22 09:05:14 PST 2006


 	A small business contacted me about upgrading their office network 
from older microsoft products to a modern microsoft setup.
 	I don't really do this sort of thing anymore, but if you are 
interested in some contract work, please contact Jane at 
<jfantel at lopezfantel.com> and her assistant <bjones at loopezfantel.com>.


John H. Nyhuis
IT Manager
Dept. of Pediatrics
HS RR338B, Box 356320
University of Washington
Desk: (206)-685-3884
cabal at u.washington.edu

We have an NT server and old computers.  Only 1 has XP and the rest are 
Windows 1998.  We have 6 stations and a server.  All are pcs.  We would 
like to reuse as much hardware as we can.  We want to update to an 
Exchange server and modern software!!  Thanks for your recommendations of 
possible tech folks. We are trying to find someone in the next two weeks. 

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