[SASAG] F5 Networks is looking for talent

Jeff Silverman jeffsilverm at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 23:20:02 PST 2006


F5 Networks is looking for 85 people (not all of those positions are
technical but most of them are).  Although they are really looking for
networking people, they have been really good about taking system
administrators and training them in the magic.  If you know the difference
between a hub, a bridge, a switch, a router, and a load balancer, and if you
can read the output of a tcpdump, then you are probably F5 material.  F5 has
an outstanding reputation in terms of quality of work life.  The pay rates
are competitive.  Overtime pay, shift differential pay, and bonues for
performance are available at your discretion for many positions.  Fairly
convenient location on Elliot Avenue West and Harrison Street.  Their
desktops are exclusively Windows/XP however their labs have an eclectic
mixture of various linux distributions, various UNIXes, and Windows
Server/2003.  I haven't found a Vista machine, yet, but it will only be a
matter of time.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.


Jeff Silverman, linux sysadmin
nine two four   twentieth avenue east
Seattle, WA, nine eight one one two -3507
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jeffsilverm at gmail.c0m (note the zero!)
Read my book, "Failure is Not an Option: How to build reliable computer
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