[SASAG] SysAdmin job posting @ UW Dept of Biochemistry

Chuck Benson cabenson at washington.edu
Thu Jan 4 08:39:49 PST 2007

The Department of Biochemistry is looking for a SysAdmin in one of  
their labs.  Description below:

POSITION NAME - Systems Administrator


             The laboratory of Dr. Wim Hol, Department of  
Biochemistry, School of Medicine, is deeply involved in the fight  
against tropical diseases. We are looking for a part time systems  
administrator for maintaining and improving hardware and software of  
a network of computers dedicated to several biomedical research  
projects. Specifically, we are aiming for crystal structure  
determination of proteins from global pathogens such as the malaria,  
sleeping sickness and other parasites. These three-dimensional  
structures of proteins assist with the development of novel  
therapeutics for treatment of several neglected tropical diseases.

(See websites http://www.bmsc.washington.edu/WimHol/; and also http:// 

             The responsibility of the successful candidate will be to:
(i) maintain and upgrade the hardware and software on Linux-boxes  
which are used as central compute and graphics servers;
(ii) maintain and upgrade the hardware and software on PC’s which are  
used by group members to perform calculations, explore the internet,  
prepare scientific publications, analyze results, etc;
(iii) maintain and upgrade the hardware and software on PC’s and  
other computers which are controlling a variety of biophysical and  
biochemical instruments;
(iv) incorporate the computers mentioned above into a reliable and  
secure computer network, which also includes printers, scanners etc;
(v) maintain webservers and nameservers;
(v) assist in the maintenance and creation of a number of group  
(vi) interact with group members and the PI such that repairs are  
efficiently carried out and suggestions for improvement are carefully  
analyzed and where possible implemented;
(vii) perform other related duties as required.


- Experience in maintaining hardware and software on Linux computers  
and PC’s;
- Experience in maintaining computer networks including security items;
- Excellent interpersonal skills to function optimally in the group.

Familiarity with biochemistry, microbiology, structural biology or  
webdesign would be a plus, but is not a necessity.

Proposed START DATE:            January 1st, 2007

If interested and want to apply, please view www.washington.edu/jobs,  
click on “Staff Jobs” and search for Req#28456.


Chuck Benson
Manager of Technology Services
Department of Health Sciences Academic Services and Facilities
University of Washington

cabenson at washington.edu
v     206.616.6937
fax  206.543.9561

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