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Tue Jan 23 08:13:27 PST 2007

  *Solaris Systems Administrator (contract-to-perm)*

We have an immediate three month contract-to-perm opening for a 
mid-level Solaris systems administrator / support engineer with a 
leading Seattle company. This is a shop of 40 or so Solaris systems, 
with numerous remote locations. The environment consists of Solaris 8/9 
sparc systems, primarily supporting Oracle 8i.

The position requires on-call support including planned and unplanned 
response to a 7X24 environment. Occasional domestic and international 
travel may be required.

The client company offers an excellent benefits and compensation package.


        * Providing technical support services to management,
          application development, quality assurance, computer
          operations, and internal business customers. Interface with
          other services teams to support computer operations.
        * Assist in planning, assessing, and deploying technologies,
          computer systems, operating systems and software to meet the
          short and long-term objectives.
        * Actively participate in design/review activities to evaluate
          program/ project approach, design and supportability. Provide
          recommendations for hardware acquisition, configuration or
        * Support relationships with equipment vendors, maintenance
          providers, and system software institutes to keep abreast of
          technological advances and communicate changes, and potential
          uses, to management.
        * Assist with analyzing, designing and implementing process
          automation opportunities to improve data processing
          efficiencies and ensure world-class service deliverable to the
          client and customers.
        * Implement and monitor system administration processes and
          procedures to ensure efficient and effective utilization of
          systems and disk space, as well as data normalization and
          optimization of development, testing, and production

Projects currently under way include stabilizing the software and 
hardware environments, implementing a configuration management system, 
and revamping backup strategies away from tape-based to NAS-based 
storage . Possible future tasks include migrating to Solaris 10 x86 and 
Oracle 10g, under a clustered VMware ESX environment. Some support of 
RedHat Linux and Jboss / Java apps is involved as well.

This is a SAGE Level-III 
<http://sage.org/field/jobs-descriptions.html#Intermediate> position.

      Required Background / Skills

        * Three to five years of system administration experience.
        * Bachelor's Degree in a related technical field or equivalent
          work experience.
        * Minimum 1 year experience supporting Oracle version 8 or greater
        * 2+ years experience with the Solaris operating system
        * Strong interpersonal and communication skills; capable of
          writing purchase justifications, training users in complex
          topics, making presentations to an internal audience, and
          interacting positively with upper management.
        * Independent problem-solving, self-direction.
        * Comfortable with most aspects of operating system
          administration; for example, configuration of mail systems,
          system installation and configuration, printer systems,
          fundamentals of security, installing third-party software.
        * Solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system - ie,
          paging and swapping, inter-process communication, devices and
          what device drivers do, filesystem concepts (inode,
          clustering, logical partitions).
        * Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing
          environment concepts; NFS and NIS; use of DNS; basic routing
        * Bourne shell, korn shell and/or Perl scripting skills

      Desirable Background and Skills

        * Significant programming background in any applicable language
        * Knowledge of / experience with the cfengine configuration
          management system
        * Usage of Solaris Jumpstart and flash archives
        * Knowledge of serial I/O and network-attached serial hardware
          such as Digi Etherlite EL16s, or similar devices
        * Familiarity with Sun sparc-based hardware
        * Solaris printing configuration and support
        * Knowledge of Solaris 10, ZFS, and zones
        * Oracle 10g installation, setup and configuration
        * Usage of any VMware product, especially VMware ESX
        * Configuration / support of Bugzilla
        * Configuration / support of Subversion and / or CVS

      To Apply

Please submit your resume to careers at gridzones.com 
<mailto:careers at gridzones.com?Subject=Solaris%20System%20Administrator%20%28contract-to-perm%29> 

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