[SASAG] Seeking a New Web Host Home

Leeland leeland06 at greydragon.com
Thu Mar 15 15:44:12 PDT 2007

Well I am getting tired of my current web hosting provider. It works
great but I have a need for something a little more complex now.

Putting a box up at my place wont cut the mustard either.

My basic needs are:

1) snappy bandwidth and low latency;

2) Ability to run tomcat based JSP stuff;

3) Ability to control about a dozen domains pointing at 4 web sites;

4) reliable and regular backups;

5) MySQL / DNS / Email and the normal bells and whistles;

6) knowledgable and HELPFUL tech support people (when something needs
a fixing I do not want to spend time educating the support person);

7) I'd really like IMAP mail services again (gmail has been fun but
really I miss the ability to move things to some folders for better

Positive (look no further then ____ ) or Negative (what ever you do
stay away form ____ ) feedback welcome.

Thanks in advance!

+ Leeland

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