[SASAG] Seeking a New Web Host Home

Joe Szilagyi joe at szilagyi.us
Thu Mar 15 16:33:52 PDT 2007

Also, you can always vet a prospective host at:


it's the biggest board for this stuff, but forewarned that you'll wade 
through a lot of crap. If you see a lot of negative stuff right off on a 
host, odds are they're... well, crap. :)

- Joe


Joe Szilagyi wrote:
> Check out liquidweb.com. I had a shared virtual account there, which was 
>  A++ for support and service. They are a smidge pricey, but I think you 
> get what you pay for (I'm a veteran of both ISP providing and web 
> hosting companies, trust me on that). I upgraded to a VPS ($60/month), 
> and love it. I had a couple minor hiccups, mostly from not knowing 
> CPanel at first, and their support was ace.
> There was only one actual problem, and that was an automatic Cpanel 
> upgrade got hosed by Cpanel themselves. Liquidweb had it back up in no 
> time. If  you want opinions on a given host, I will be happy to offer 
> advice off-list by direct email, if I happen to know anything about them 
> from years of working with a variety...
> Liquidweb's shared plan I was on was #$24/month; VPS's for new plans I 
> believe are in the $60/month neighborhood. Near as I can tell they don't 
> oversell, at all.
> - joe
> http://www.joeszilagyi.com
> http://www.seattleology.com
> Leeland wrote:
>> Well I am getting tired of my current web hosting provider. It works
>> great but I have a need for something a little more complex now.
>> Putting a box up at my place wont cut the mustard either.
>> My basic needs are:
>> 1) snappy bandwidth and low latency;
>> 2) Ability to run tomcat based JSP stuff;
>> 3) Ability to control about a dozen domains pointing at 4 web sites;
>> 4) reliable and regular backups;
>> 5) MySQL / DNS / Email and the normal bells and whistles;
>> 6) knowledgable and HELPFUL tech support people (when something needs
>> a fixing I do not want to spend time educating the support person);
>> and
>> 7) I'd really like IMAP mail services again (gmail has been fun but
>> really I miss the ability to move things to some folders for better
>> filing).
>> Positive (look no further then ____ ) or Negative (what ever you do
>> stay away form ____ ) feedback welcome.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> + Leeland
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