[SASAG] Seeking a New Web Host Home

Leeland leeland06 at greydragon.com
Thu Mar 15 17:00:18 PDT 2007

LOL as little as possible of course. I am famously frugal.

Seriously like most techno-geeks I am comparing the costs to having my
own host someplace. I can put together a 1U 80GB / 512 MB ram server
for my needs and put it in my own house with a larger SDSL pipe for
what would roughly work out to about $130 per month averaged over 2
years (with electricity, hardware and 512 SDSL link etc.).

I already have a 256K dedicated SDSL line coming in and bumping that
the 512K would only at $45 more per month. The box I could assemble
for less then $1500. Plus I am assuming my electric bill would jump
about $30.

So... If I get a VPS that is snappy with 256-1GB burstable RAM, ~50 GB
of storage (of my own junk not including all the OS stuff) and a 1 MB
pipe managed would be worth ~$60 - $80 per month for me. I would see a
savings in overall costs for at least 3 years. I would worry about
hardware upgrades and such... So I figure over 8 years (which is the
normal life of a my web boxes). I would be breaking even at roughly
$90 per month.

Naturally anything less then that would be good. I would like to come
in around $50...

(Any comments on my loose math are somewhat welcome if you think I
missed something big...)

+ Leeland

On 3/15/07, Benjamin Krueger <benjamin at seattlefenix.net> wrote:
> * Leeland (leeland06 at greydragon.com) [070315 15:45]:
> > Well I am getting tired of my current web hosting provider. It works
> > great but I have a need for something a little more complex now.
> How much do you want to pay?
> --
> Benjamin

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