[SASAG] Seeking a New Web Host Home

Joe Szilagyi joe at szilagyi.us
Thu Mar 15 16:32:31 PDT 2007

Check out liquidweb.com. I had a shared virtual account there, which was 
  A++ for support and service. They are a smidge pricey, but I think you 
get what you pay for (I'm a veteran of both ISP providing and web 
hosting companies, trust me on that). I upgraded to a VPS ($60/month), 
and love it. I had a couple minor hiccups, mostly from not knowing 
CPanel at first, and their support was ace.

There was only one actual problem, and that was an automatic Cpanel 
upgrade got hosed by Cpanel themselves. Liquidweb had it back up in no 
time. If  you want opinions on a given host, I will be happy to offer 
advice off-list by direct email, if I happen to know anything about them 
from years of working with a variety...

Liquidweb's shared plan I was on was #$24/month; VPS's for new plans I 
believe are in the $60/month neighborhood. Near as I can tell they don't 
oversell, at all.

- joe


Leeland wrote:
> Well I am getting tired of my current web hosting provider. It works
> great but I have a need for something a little more complex now.
> Putting a box up at my place wont cut the mustard either.
> My basic needs are:
> 1) snappy bandwidth and low latency;
> 2) Ability to run tomcat based JSP stuff;
> 3) Ability to control about a dozen domains pointing at 4 web sites;
> 4) reliable and regular backups;
> 5) MySQL / DNS / Email and the normal bells and whistles;
> 6) knowledgable and HELPFUL tech support people (when something needs
> a fixing I do not want to spend time educating the support person);
> and
> 7) I'd really like IMAP mail services again (gmail has been fun but
> really I miss the ability to move things to some folders for better
> filing).
> Positive (look no further then ____ ) or Negative (what ever you do
> stay away form ____ ) feedback welcome.
> Thanks in advance!
> + Leeland
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