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Chris MacGregor chris at tigerwave.com
Fri Mar 16 11:36:24 PDT 2007

Sorry for the late entry, but I just remembered a friend of mine said this when I asked about
why/where he was switching from hosting his own to using Dreamhost:

> what's dreamhost?  is it really that good? 

Oh yeah, very good stuff:  http://dreamhost.com/hosting.html

For $10/mo. I'm getting 200GB disk (+1GB/week), 2,000GB/mo. xfer (+16GB/week), Rails, mail, MySQL,
Jabber, SVN, DAV, DNS, et al., 
with a (relatively) easy to use control panel.  I've also seen several DreamHost-ed sites survive
getting slashdotted/dugg, which is 
about as robust as you can expect.

My only gripe is that they don't support Postgres, but oh well ... 

So, I have no personal experience with them, but I do respect this fellow's opinion...

	Chris MacGregor

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Thanks for the rich source of input. I think I found a home for my
sites that will work. Here is a summary of my findings from my notes:

http://www.liquidweb.com given a A++ for support and service - VPS
accounts and Shared Hosting (that at the "Shared Professional Level" @
$24.95/mo. rival other VPS accounts). I called and spoke to the sales
people, an engineer and one of their site developers and for what I am
up to this seems to be the ticket. SSH login, cron jobs, IMAP-SSL,
Mailman list server, SSL-Certs, dedicated IP addresses, multiple
domains under the single account and 5 domain registrations covered
out right. They will even let me run my own JSP stuff. Transitioning
to a VPS (going to $60 per month) will be supported if the level of
usage or resources needed starts to get a bit high.

http://www.Kattare.com/ was recommended but there VPS solution was a
bit too limiting and I would have to do a lot of work myself. At there
high end "Corporate Plus" Level @ $54/mo. I would only get 2 GB of
storage, 300 GB of bandwidth and no IMAP or mailman support (unless I
installed them myself).

http://www.gridzones.com/ was recommended by a few different people. I
have to admit this was the second runner up. Their services were
definitely top notch.I would have gone for the "Solaris 10 VPS-10" @
$35/mo. but really to run my portlets I needed more burstable ram (up
to 300MB) so this option would have had me a bit bottle necked for
resources from time to time. I still might switch to them if things do
not work out with liquidweb.com.

http://www.netriver.net/ was also recommended (and I even recommend
them to). My problem with them is that they are great for people who
just want basic services, or really advanced services. In fact they
are my current hosting provider. They have recently added new Linux
server accounts. But, they are not yet experienced enough and the
product line is just too new for my current needs. I have been using
them for a few years now. Also they are severely overbooked for
technical support issues. So I have experienced a few issues where
there was a day or two before I heard back from them. They are hiring
more staff and so I expect them to be much better in the near future.

Spry's VPSLink http://www.vpslink.com/ was also recommended. I liked
their product line up but I would have to put too much time into
setting and keeping things running. If you are a hands on type person
this is definitely and option. Frankly they have the MOST resources
per dollar of all the candidates. I wouldn't go with anything less
then their "Link-4" level @ $39.95/mo. But at that level you have 20GB
hard disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and 512 MB RAM. That is amazing for
the pricing.

Similar to the VPSLink is Linode http://www.linode.com/, which I found
to be lacking in resources, response and cost when compared to
VPSLink. They have a pretty solid following so they must be resonating
with some folks out there, just not me.

+ Leeland
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