[SASAG] Seeking a New Web Host Home

Leeland leeland06 at greydragon.com
Fri Mar 16 12:13:10 PDT 2007

Well their support response is pretty fast to email. They have
unbelievable pricing however they just sent me this:

>  Hi Leeland,
>  sorry, but we don't run Tomcat, and have nothing in plans to support JSP.
> I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Which makes them unacceptable for my needs. On other hand WOW for cost
and all that.

+ Leeland

PS. your other post just showed up...Must have been holding out for a bit.

On 3/16/07, Chris MacGregor <chris at tigerwave.com> wrote:
> Sorry for the late entry, but I just remembered a friend of mine said this when I asked about
> why/where he was switching from hosting his own to using Dreamhost:
> ------------------------------------------------------
> > what's dreamhost?  is it really that good?
> Oh yeah, very good stuff:  http://dreamhost.com/hosting.html
> For $10/mo. I'm getting 200GB disk (+1GB/week), 2,000GB/mo. xfer (+16GB/week), Rails, mail, MySQL,
> Jabber, SVN, DAV, DNS, et al.,
> with a (relatively) easy to use control panel.  I've also seen several DreamHost-ed sites survive
> getting slashdotted/dugg, which is
> about as robust as you can expect.
> My only gripe is that they don't support Postgres, but oh well ...
> ------------------------------------------------------
> So, I have no personal experience with them, but I do respect this fellow's opinion...
>        Chris MacGregor
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> Thanks for the rich source of input. I think I found a home for my
> sites that will work. Here is a summary of my findings from my notes:
> http://www.liquidweb.com given a A++ for support and service - VPS
> accounts and Shared Hosting (that at the "Shared Professional Level" @
> $24.95/mo. rival other VPS accounts). I called and spoke to the sales
> people, an engineer and one of their site developers and for what I am
> up to this seems to be the ticket. SSH login, cron jobs, IMAP-SSL,
> Mailman list server, SSL-Certs, dedicated IP addresses, multiple
> domains under the single account and 5 domain registrations covered
> out right. They will even let me run my own JSP stuff. Transitioning
> to a VPS (going to $60 per month) will be supported if the level of
> usage or resources needed starts to get a bit high.
> http://www.Kattare.com/ was recommended but there VPS solution was a
> bit too limiting and I would have to do a lot of work myself. At there
> high end "Corporate Plus" Level @ $54/mo. I would only get 2 GB of
> storage, 300 GB of bandwidth and no IMAP or mailman support (unless I
> installed them myself).
> http://www.gridzones.com/ was recommended by a few different people. I
> have to admit this was the second runner up. Their services were
> definitely top notch.I would have gone for the "Solaris 10 VPS-10" @
> $35/mo. but really to run my portlets I needed more burstable ram (up
> to 300MB) so this option would have had me a bit bottle necked for
> resources from time to time. I still might switch to them if things do
> not work out with liquidweb.com.
> http://www.netriver.net/ was also recommended (and I even recommend
> them to). My problem with them is that they are great for people who
> just want basic services, or really advanced services. In fact they
> are my current hosting provider. They have recently added new Linux
> server accounts. But, they are not yet experienced enough and the
> product line is just too new for my current needs. I have been using
> them for a few years now. Also they are severely overbooked for
> technical support issues. So I have experienced a few issues where
> there was a day or two before I heard back from them. They are hiring
> more staff and so I expect them to be much better in the near future.
> Spry's VPSLink http://www.vpslink.com/ was also recommended. I liked
> their product line up but I would have to put too much time into
> setting and keeping things running. If you are a hands on type person
> this is definitely and option. Frankly they have the MOST resources
> per dollar of all the candidates. I wouldn't go with anything less
> then their "Link-4" level @ $39.95/mo. But at that level you have 20GB
> hard disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and 512 MB RAM. That is amazing for
> the pricing.
> Similar to the VPSLink is Linode http://www.linode.com/, which I found
> to be lacking in resources, response and cost when compared to
> VPSLink. They have a pretty solid following so they must be resonating
> with some folks out there, just not me.
> + Leeland
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