[SASAG] suggestions for retro-fitting SAN backup software ?

James Affeld jamesaffeld at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 13:24:37 PDT 2007

Due to a minor budgetary windfall, we no longer have to complete a SAN deployment on the cheap.  We started out with a fine box from Silicon Mechanics, and had planned to go with the Enterprise ISCSI Target.  Backups were to be done via a backup client on each server using the iSCSI SAN.

We'll probably top out around 2-3 terrabytes of user data from NTFS file systems.   We'll want to retain attributes.  We probably have $15K of .edu dollars (we usually a decent discount).   I wouldn't mind using Bacula or another OS package if it will do the trick.  I have other things I can spend the dough on.  

I'd like to find something that allows single-instance storage, effectively full backup snapshots, and off-site cloning.  

Can you get file level restore from a block level backup?  

I'm not planning to mirror the SAN - we have RAID 6 and will have an effective backup (assuming I receive good advice...).  It seems better to put the money into a better backup than to simply mirror all the software and human errors.  We may use disk-disk backup.  

Anything else I should think about?  Anything I should re-think?  

If we didn't already have a SAN server in hand, I might look pretty hard at Equalogic.  

We have a little bit of in-house experience with some older offerings of Symantec/Veritas BackupExec.  I think their Netbackup product might work - any advice?  

I'm reviewing "Using SANS and NAS" as quickly as I can.  


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