[SASAG] Weird Windows XP Laptop issue

Leeland leeland06 at greydragon.com
Mon Apr 9 12:56:41 PDT 2007

OK if you are not a Windows person just tune out and sorry for wasting
your bandwidth.

OK, now for those who are left. I have hit a very strange error. I
have a laptop running Windows XP Pro that works fine (reboots, is
happy and all that).

A consultant hit this thing with an installation of AVG adding a
SECOND virus scanner on top of the commercial version of NOD32 that
was running. Naturally the two anti-virus apps started duking it out.
At some point in this the controller for a USB scanner / fax got
tagged as a bad player by AVG and was very badly wounded.

I uninstalled AVG & NOD32. I cleaned up the mess and reinstalled the
scanner controller.

That was the wind up. Now the oddness. For some reason the keyboard
and the mouse drivers have gotten locked down hard. As in I can not
delete the drivers from Device Manager (getting the error "The
keyboard driver can not be uninstalled contact your hardware vendor"
or same for mouse). I downloaded the latest patches for the keyboard
and the mouse drivers from HP and when I try to install them (they are
only +.2 above the currently installed drivers) I get the same errors.

I have tried rebooting to safe mode and get the exact same errors in safe mode.

When I try to plug in any USB MOUSE or KEYBOARD I get the same errors
and the USB devices fail to get added. All other USB devices work just
fine. All other hardware can be updated and the drivers changed etc. I
even download a bios update and ran that just fine. It is only the
keyboard and mouse that are somehow locked up solid. Yet the keyboard
and mouse (touchpad really) work just fine.

Oh and if I try and change the settings of the keyboard or mouse I get
"the device could not be initialized" errors. So I can not even pull
up the mouse control panel.

Does anyone know of a way to go in and cut out the keyboard and mouse
drivers from the registry and or INI files so that they can get
re-added in properly.

Thanks in advance!

+ Leeland

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