[SASAG] Solaris book reccommendation

Leon Towns-von Stauber leonvs at occam.com
Tue May 8 20:45:17 PDT 2007

>      I'm interested in expanding my knowledge of Unix beyond Linux,  
> and I'm
> getting ready to explore Solaris. I like the books from O'Reilly  
> publishing, but
> they only have a book on Solaris 8. Can anyone reccommend some  
> informative and
> readable books on Solaris system administration? Also, can people tell  
> me what
> versions of Solaris are seen out in the wild? I'm wondering how  
> prevalent the
> older versions are. Thanks for your help.

I haven't read it, but I think _Solaris Internals_ may be what
you're looking for:


I took a course from the authors, and they certainly knew their

As for what's out there, my current shop runs everything from
Solaris 2.5.1 to Solaris 10, although there are some specific
legacy reasons for that. (Actually, we have sites still running
stuff as far back as SunOS 4.1.3.) Normally I wouldn't expect to
find much before Solaris 8, but I'd guess Solaris 8 and 9 are
still quite common, with Solaris 10 coming along.

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