[SASAG] Next Meeting is TONIGHT @ 7PM

Scott McDermott scottm at sasag.org
Thu May 10 06:00:00 PDT 2007

The next Seattle Area System Administrator's Guild meeting is
Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 7pm.

There will be dinner sponsored by Silicon Mechanics.  Check them out
at http://www.siliconmechanics.com/

There will also be several CACert assurers present.

The meeting will be at the Electrical Engineering building on the University
of Washington Campus, aka EE1. Directions are linked to the EE Department's
web site below. Parking is $5 after 4pm.

  Next meeting: Thursday May 10, 2007 at 7:00 PM
         Topic: Learning to Say "Yes": Thinking of IT as a Service
     Presenter: Brian Connolly <connolly at speakeasy.org>
      Location: EE1 Building (Electrical Engineering)
                Room 403
                University of Washington Campus
    Directions: http://www.ee.washington.edu/directions.html
      Web Site: http://www.sasag.org/

Talk Abstract

The CEO/Boss/President comes to you and says, "I want a Blackberry".
You are running a unix shop (Sendmail/IMAP & POP), what do you say?
You say no. Seems obvious, doesn't it? But why? Why is it your choice
to make? You know what it will cost to implement the Blackberry
solution. But do you know what the productivity gain for the CEO will
be? What happens if that productivity gain is greater than the cost of
the Blackberry solution? Wouldn't you then actually be costing the
company money by not implementing the solution?

We are technical implementers. We know what it will take to purchase,
configure and maintain a solution reliably. This is what we are good
at. What we are not good at is understanding what the benefit of a
solution is. That is not what we are trained in and not something most
of us like to do.

So, we are not qualified to say "NO!". We are qualified to figure out
what it will cost to implement the solution. Thus are qualified to
say, "Yes we can do that and here is the cost"

Brian will talk about how the basics of ITIL (Configuration & Change
management, Service Level Management, etc) can help us do our jobs
better, provide better availability to our users and eventually get a
much better understanding of what the true costs of doing our jobs are.

PS: Oh, and I should add, this will also help with those dreaded topics
of SOX, HIPPA and ISO20000 and the newest CIO buzzword of Business

Speaker Bio

Brian Connolly is currently working at Microsoft (Yes, he went over to
the dark side) in the Operational Center of Excellence. He has been both
a Unix and Windows administrator for the past 15 years at places like
Cray Inc, BEA Systems and Dept of Molecular BioTechnology at the UW.
After working on SOX compliance project at Cray (and having long arguments
with Nathan Schimke) he  realized that way we do things has to change.
It just cost too much money and administrator time to manage the IT
infrastructure. After sitting down with a bunch of ITIL process
weenies he realized that someone else had already figured all this out.
Now he tries to make tools to help IT departments implement ITIL processes
in short amount of time.

This is FREE and open to the public and a wonderful opportunity.

The Seattle Area System Administrator's Guild (SASAG) is a local group
for system & network administrators in Greater Seattle Area.  We are a
local chapter of both SAGE and LOPSA, but membership in either is not a
requirement.  We sponsor a regular monthly meeting open to the public on
the second Thursday if each month at 7 p.m.

Check out our Web site for more information:

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Silicon Mechanics (www.siliconmechanics.com) for providing
our server and to Blue Gecko (www.bluegecko.net) for giving it a home!

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