[SASAG] Univ. of Wash. Job Opening ... #32243 ... UW-ESS Senior Computer Specialist

Ed Mulligan mulligan at ess.washington.edu
Fri May 18 12:02:33 PDT 2007

Greetings Folks;

The Univ of Wash (Seattle Campus) Dept of Earth & Space Sciences is 
looking for a Senior Computer Specialist that will report to me and 
replace my previous assistant that recently took a promotion here at the 
UW.  (Best of luck H.T. !!)

We provide direct department level support for a wide range of users, but
the emphasis is on Windows workstations, linux workstations, linux servers,
plus a bit of Mac-OS-X, and Open-BSD thrown in just to keep things fun.
Skills in scripting, static webpages, dynamic webpages, moodle and computer
hardware are all very desirable.  An interest in learning new skills is

See the official job posting # 32243 on the UW-Hires web site.


We have an interesting fun environment here in ESS for somebody with an
Earth Science interest.  We help support folks doing things like ice &
climatological research in the Antartic, seismic research here in the
Pacific NorthWest, or even computer modeling of near space.  We also support
the teaching labs and staff computers too.

Thanks for your consideration


Ed Mulligan, computer & network support (lead)
UW Earth & Space Sciences

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