[SASAG] June 14th SASAG -- By* Libre Services Presentation

Mohsen Banan vendors at mohsen.banan.1.byname.net
Wed May 23 14:10:18 PDT 2007

>>>>> On Wed, 23 May 2007 10:29:24 -0700, Scott McDermott <scottm at octaldream.com> said:

  Scott> Thank you for the offer, but we are
  Scott> looking for either technically focused
  Scott> presentations or presentations that
  Scott> improve our member's skill sets. This
  Scott> doesn't quite fit in to the type of
  Scott> presentation we are looking for.  --

  Scott> Scott McDermott

I am quite surprised that you have so concluded.

I offered to present this particular topic at
SASAG because I felt it would be of interest and
beneficial to system administrators.

The purpose of this note is to make sure that you 
really understood the topic:
  Transformation of Free Software into Libre Services
and its relevance to system administrators.

Transformation of Software into Services is to a
large extent a systems administration activity.

The "Libre" model as we propose in many ways is a
collaboration framework for system administrators
to collectively build cumulative services.

I would have thought that the above two dimensions
alone would make the topic beneficial to your

By chance, did you read the executive summary of
the Libre Services Concept paper
or the By* Concept paper

These papers are quite short and crisp. I think
that the role of system administrators in these
concept papers would be quite obvious to most
system administrators.

It is true that the presentation that I pointed
you to is broad and even covers business
dimensions of the concept. The thing is, I
actually think that it is good for system
administrators to be aware of the broader context.
For example, I encourage system administrators
wishing to be involved in such collaborative
efforts to read our Open Business Plan:

I know, it is unusual. But reading business plans 
could improve your member's skill sets.

We also have a much more technical version of 
By* Family of Libre Services Presentation.

Again, all of this simply to clarify so that you
really understant what I intended to present.
Naturally, I would not want to present what is not
relevant and beneficial to your members.

If this clarification results into an invitation,
I'd be happy to address your members.


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  Mohsen> Hello Scott.

  Mohsen> Nice meeting you last Thursday at SASAG.

  Mohsen> Here are the slides that I plan to use for the presentation.
  Mohsen> http://www.neda.com/content/generated/doc.free/neda/Records/0706141/SASAG/accessPage.html

  Mohsen> The presentation is complemented by a number of
  Mohsen> white papers available at:
  Mohsen> http://www.libreservices.org/libreManifesto/

  Mohsen> My professional bio is available at:
  Mohsen> http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/ProfessionalBio/

  Mohsen> Please confirm my speaking on June 14th at SASAG.

  Mohsen> Please CC me on any announcements related to this
  Mohsen> that you may send out.

  Mohsen> Thanks and Regards,

  Mohsen> -- Mohsen Banan                   http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/
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