[SASAG] Library management software recommendations?

Aaron E. Klemm lists at axiomos.com
Thu Jun 7 10:54:55 PDT 2007


It's rumored members of this list may have opinions to offer about
various library and card catalog management systems.

We've done a brief analysis of open source solutions: Evergreen ILS
(complex installation) and Koha (easy install, but importing our records
has failed so far). The idea here was to find a workable system that would 
allow easier integration with our authentication system and other websites.

The library staff are requesting we purchase Atriuum from Booksystems.
At the moment, this looks like our best shot at getting a solution in place 
for them quickly. We don't yet have an idea how well customization and 
integration will work with Atriuum.

Can anyone comment from experience about either of these 3 systems?


Aaron Klemm

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