[SASAG] Virtualizing MS Windows

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Fri Jun 8 00:13:13 PDT 2007

I use Virtual Server, which is a Microsoft (acquired from Connectix) 
product. It's free and works very well with the Windows platform. VMWare 
is also reputed to be good, although the full-featured versions of that 
product aren't free.

Keep in mind with virtualization that you can very quickly become I/O 
bound. CPUs are so powerful these days that most applications don't 
cause them to break much of a sweat, but that doesn't mean you're not 
saturating the NIC, disks, etc. We use SAN storage on Virtual Server 
hosts to avoid bottlenecks; this has been a very effective strategy.


Atom Powers wrote:
> Much to my dismay, the number of MS Windows only services that I need
> to support seems to be growing. Most of them are fairly low-load but
> because of the nature of MS Windows applications I would like to
> dedicate a server for each application. Obviously purchasing a server
> for each service is very inefficient.
> Can anybody recommend a product that I can use to run multiple MS
> Windows services without purchasing a ton of hardware? I have 4-5 MS
> Windows services that I need to "upgrade" in the next couple months.

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