[SASAG] CLECs for fractional PRI / local phone service

David P. Allen allendp at plu.edu
Fri Jun 15 19:39:33 PDT 2007

branen salmon wrote:
> Hi, all--
> I'm wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a CLEC to provide a
> fractional PRI in Seattle.
> I'm in the process of switching our growing office from a small,
> POTS-based PBX to Asterisk, and I'd love to replace those POTS lines
> with a fractional PRI.  Right now, we're paying Qwest around $300/mo
> for eight analog lines.  Qwest doesn't do fractional PRIs, and their
> full T1 PRIs cost as much as 24 analog lines, way beyond what we can
> justify.
> I'd really like to ditch POTS, but it's obviously not going to happen
> unless I can find a CLEC with much better pricing than Qwest.  Any
> recommendations?
We have been happy with Integra Telecom (http://www.integratelecom.com/)
for 6+ years.  We also have used Electric Lightwave and were quite
happy, but they are now part of Integra as well.  I cannot speak to
their pricing as we are part of a consortium that buys a lot of service
and all of our circuits are full T1s or bigger.

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