[SASAG] Lots of bandwidth for relatively short terms?

branen salmon branen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 09:16:50 PDT 2007

Hi, all--

Here's another datacom-related question: does anyone have any pointers
on acquiring a very large amount of cross-country, point-to-point
bandwidth for a relatively short period of time?  I've got a huge
amount of data I need to schlep over to the east coast, but my initial
plan of loading a ton of disks onto a shipping pallet was
unceremoniously vetoed.  I'm talking to a company on the other side
that leases fiber to sports networks for tournament coverage, and it
looks like I can probably make this (Me->Sprint->IFN->Them) work, but
I can't help but think that there's a better way.

Thanks in advance!  I'll let the list know what I wind up doing.


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