[SASAG] Lots of bandwidth for relatively short terms?

Michael T. Halligan michael at halligan.org
Fri Jun 22 10:05:32 PDT 2007


Talk to a broker. My broker is Michelle Hyde,  
michelle at bandwidthadvisors.com. Brokers work with a dozen or
so carriers, and play prices off each other to win their customers  
business. Michelle is the most aggressive I've known.
She sells colo, leased lines, IP, peering arrangements, SONET ,and  
everything in-between.


On Jun 22, 2007, at 9:16 AM, branen salmon wrote:

> Hi, all--
> Here's another datacom-related question: does anyone have any pointers
> on acquiring a very large amount of cross-country, point-to-point
> bandwidth for a relatively short period of time?  I've got a huge
> amount of data I need to schlep over to the east coast, but my initial
> plan of loading a ton of disks onto a shipping pallet was
> unceremoniously vetoed.  I'm talking to a company on the other side
> that leases fiber to sports networks for tournament coverage, and it
> looks like I can probably make this (Me->Sprint->IFN->Them) work, but
> I can't help but think that there's a better way.
> Thanks in advance!  I'll let the list know what I wind up doing.
> --branen
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