[SASAG] Lots of bandwidth for relatively short terms?

Troy Davis troy at nack.net
Fri Jun 22 10:21:45 PDT 2007

Absolutely talk with Aaron and Michelle at Bandwidth Advisors.  They
have the pulse of the local bandwidth market, not to mention providing
superb service in what can otherwise be a fairly painful industry.

Moment-in-time cross-country private transport is tough.  True
point-to-point bandwidth on a month-to-month contract is probably
impossible.  Keep an eye out for MPLS VPN providers; they'll be most
likely to get something going ASAP.

I'd be content with Internet bandwidth, though, and aim for getting both
ends on the same single IP network.  Roll your own IPSec tunnel
endpoints for encryption, or a TCP-based transport and crank up the TCP
receive windows to hit line rate.

Also, some peers use the Seattle IX for short-term transit as a way to
eliminate the last mile crossconnect turn-up time.  Not relevant for
this time around unless you're already connected, but maybe next time.
seattleix.net.  And it's free.

(ObDisc: Seattle IX janitor/board member, among other hats)

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