[SASAG] Sys/Net admin position at South Seattle Community College

James Affeld jamesaffeld at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 11:21:38 PDT 2007

South Seattle Community College is looking for a new
Network Administrator.  The position hasn't been
posted yet, but I thought I'd give you advance notice.

The job will involve being more than alpha geek/lead
tech.  There is a group of 7 full time staff and a
varying amount of part time staff to supervise. 
Planning and at least semi-formal project management
experience will help.  

It's a mixed shop, almost entirely Windows desktops,
managed by AD.  Linux boxes support the
infrastructure.    The place has great bandwidth, but
substandard .edu funding.  

Pay range is $60-$70K, which is light for the region
and SAGE level, but in the CTC context pretty decent. 
Good benefits, good mission.  

Watch the Seattle Community College District website
or drop me a line if I can assist.   

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love 
(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list.

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